The Gadgety Awards

at ShowStoppers @ IFA 2024

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Where Innovation Meets Recognition 

Technology innovation takes center stage at ShowStoppers® @ IFA 2024 in Berlin. This exclusive media event unites top tech media, fervent advocates, and influential industry leaders under one roof in Berlin to showcase breakthroughs and guide the industry forward.

We introduced the Gadgety Awards at Showstoppers @ CES 2024 to great success and fanfare. At IFA 2024, the Gadgety Awards provides another a golden opportunity for participating brands to be celebrated for:

  • Product Innovation: Celebrating products that rewrite the rules
  • Market Need Met: Honoring solutions that resonate with real-world challenges 
  • Technological Advancement: Commending breakthroughs that push the envelope
  • Design & Aesthetics: Applauding masterpieces that marry form and function 

Why Participate 

The Gadgety Awards’s versatile panel of judges includes tech editors, reporters, and reviewers hailing from Geekspin, Phandroid, Ubergizmo and @IsaDoes. Deeply immersed in the tech world, each possesses a keen eye for groundbreaking advancements, insight into emerging trends, and a vision for the future of technology and consumer products.

A 2024 Gadgety Award gives your brand opportunities to:

  • Be Recognized: Join an elite group of brands recognized for leading the tech frontier
  • Gain Global Visibility: Shine under the global spotlight, surrounded by tech enthusiasts, media and industry pioneers 
  • Boost its Brand Value: A Gadgety Award is not just a trophy; it is a testament to your brand’s commitment to excellence 

The Gadgety Award Categories

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Best gadget
Best tech innovation
Best brand
Best home entertainment product
Best appliance
Best sustainability product
Best smartphone
Best PC
Best wireless provider
Best budget phone
Best tablet

Best in gaming
Best audio product
Best AI tech
Best in photography
Best smart home product
Best app
Best wearable
Best in home security
Best toy
Best foldable
Best prepaid wireless provider

How to Participate

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Let’s redefine tech brilliance, one gadget at a time!

Join us and let your innovations be the talk of the town. Register, showcase and position your brand’s name in mobile tech history!

The submission portal for the 2024 Gadgety ShowStoppers will open soon. Contact us now for more information!

The awards will take place at the ShowStoppers IFA media event:

Thursday, 5 September 2024
6pm-9pm CET
Messe-Berlin Fairgrounds
South Entrance Hall
Berlin, Germany

Only exhibitors at ShowStoppers @ IFA may apply for the Gadgety Awards.

The Gadgety Award panelists, which include industry-recognized journalists and influencers, will be on hand at ShowStoppers to honor the best, most cutting-edge names in mobile technology: 

  • Helena Stone: Editor in chief at GEEKSPIN, a tech and lifestyle publication that has covered consumer electronics news and reviews since 2017
  • Nick Gray: Editor in chief at Phandroid, the world’s first website dedicated to reporting on Android, covering mobile and consumer electronics launches since 2007
  • Eliane Fiolet: Co-founder and chief executive officer at Ubergizmo; a veteran in the tech publication world, the site has covered consumer electronics news and reviews since 2005
  • Isa Rodriguez: A top social media influencer in the technosphere at @IsaDoes, offering a unique female-focused and lifestyle perspective

ShowStoppers is not directly involved

in the judging of the Gadgety Awards.

For questions, please contact the Gadgety Awards team.

The submission portal for the 2024 Gadgety ShowStoppers will open soon.